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$10 Formal commissions
So, I have just learned about this widget so I'll try to use it properly. These are just some examples of formal commissions I have done. My price starts at $10 and goes up depending on what I'm doing for you. Please privately contact me concerning commissions.


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Cassie Dodd
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a hardworking artist who does commissions for reasonable prices. For me, the customer ALWAYS comes first.

Current Residence: Vancouver, WA
Favourite cartoon character: Subaru Sumeragi


Commission for Clara by Rena-Muffin
Commission for Clara
This is Clara's commission of her OC character, Abby Halloween. Apparently, Abby is a character she came up with as a child, and she's been around ever since. I like doing people's OC's because I feel people are happier the first time they see a character they have only seen in their mine come to life in color than they are when they get a picture of an anime character whose been on a few posters and seen on the big screen. Not to say I haven't seen people light up when they get a picture I drew of their OTP because it might be a crack ship. 
Commission for Emily
So, I've never played the Dragonage games, but I think I need to because, Damn. 

Ferris seems like a sexy elf I definitely want to meet. That tattooing alone... :) Though he took a little longer to clean and color, I am really happy with how he came out and Emily said she was happy with him too. She's even thinking about trying to make a pilloww so she can smush him. 

Well, I hope you all enjoy. Who knows, if I can get Drainage for a system I have, maybe there will be more Fenris to come. :)
Commission for Megan by Rena-Muffin
Commission for Megan
Goddamn I love Sesshomaru, and I'm always happy to meet Fluffy fans like myself. This was a commission from Megan of Sesshomaru that I did. 

I hope you all enjoy, an there's more to come. 
Commission for Johnny by Rena-Muffin
Commission for Johnny
Holy crud this was a hard commission to finish, but I think it came out pretty well. 

So, for reference, at conventions or any venues I vend, I have a policy where I will do a sketch commission of up to three characters for 5 dollars, and additional characters will be three dollars after that. This piece had about nine characters total, each decked in gear from one of the nine Canadian football league teams. I had to work really hard to put the chibis in such a way where they could all fit on the piece of paper. I don't really attend too many sporting events, being pretty much into a lot of other things, so I tried to make it look like they were going to a game. 

Clockwise from the top, the piece has Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon, Nobita from Doraemon, Shizuka from Doraemon, Humanized Applejack from My Little Pony, Coconuts from Dagashi Kasha, Osomatsu from Osomatsu-san, Taichi from Digimon, Anna from Frozen, and Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon. I think it's always pretty crazy when I get the commissions with a great number of people because trying to get everyone to work correctly together can be a chore in itself. In addition, I didn't know much about some of the people I was drawing and improvised a whole lot. But, in the end, I really think it all came together really well. 

I hope you all enjoy, there's more to come. 
A lit of people have asked me in the past about requests/commissions/stuff like that. I decided to look over my Commission guidelines and policies and post some new updates incase people are interested in procuring my services. With he fact my array of products has increased since what I produced in the past, I will reflect this in the updated policies. 

All rules are subject to change and I will add more if I need to. 

Commission guidelines

1. I can be commissioned for prints, designs, bookmarks, buttons, and keychains. I ask that people commissioning me are specific about the pieces they are requesting. I want to make sure my customers get everything they want so please be as detailed as possible about outfits you want, poses, etc. If you have a general idea, I can work with that. 

2. I start the charges at ten dollars and add a little bit more if I have to add additional characters, detailed backgrounds, etc. In addition, if you are commissioning pieces that need to be assembled and shipped to you (like the buttons, bookmarks  etc) shipping will be added to your bill. I can accept payment digitally or by check and prefer customers pay after the piece is finished. If a customer wishes to prepay however, I do not mind. While prepayment is optional, if someone chooses to try and get out of paying for their piece, I will change this rule.

3. I only accept money. While in the past I have agreed to payment coming in the form of premium subscriptions, now all payment must be monetary. I have six cats, literally, and I need to be able to care for them. 

4. I'm wiling to do adult themed pieces, however I do have a set of rules for what's appropriate. Anything that goes against those rules I will not draw. This is non negotiable. For expansion on this, message me. 

5. If you would like a commission, send me a note, or an email, or something. Comments are nice, but when I'm doing commissions I like to make sure my customer's wishes and comments are private. I can be reached here, or on tumblr, or even emailed.

6. When I'm doing a commission I will post several sketches, allowing my customer to choose from ones they like. Then, I will do a final lineart, and finally color and finish the piece. If others want to commission me regarding something I have done for someone else, I will not start the commission until I have gotten the permission of the original commissioner. 

7. I am very, very paranoid about plagiarism. For this reason if you want me to incorporate something from another artist, you better have the artist's permission or no way I'm doing it. I'm serious about this. I would be crushed if someone used my stuff without my permission, I will not do this to anyone else. 

Thank you very much and I hope this has answered all inquiries, 

Rena Muffin.
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